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Alpine skiing on slopes and off-piste is experiencing a steady change due to ongoing developments in the ski industry and in ski technology. The trend sport freeski has established itself amongst the youth - slopestylers and freeriders are obligatory in the ski resorts. However, elegant skiing and skiing for health are still very popular with guests from home and abroad. In order to meet the ongoing changes and developments in the ski industry, the Austrian Ski Instructor Association, together with the local ski instructor associations, has developed the Ski Instruction Teaching Plan. 

The new Austrian Ski Instruction Teaching Plan - From Start to Perfection in Four Stages - is the Austrian snowsport instructors’ guideline for teaching practice. The contents of this curriculum form the basis for the introduction to the profession of Austrian snow sports instructor and is the basis for all snow sports instructor training in Austria. The current Austrian Ski Instructor Plan comprises four stages, which leads the skier or snow sports instructors from start to perfection. The new Austrian ski teaching plan does justice to a modern and contemporary methodology and guarantees an optimum learning success through all teaching and learning phases.



Getting used to the ski equipment

Getting used to the equipment and to the restricted movement with the ski equipment. Walking, sliding and climbing in gentle, sloped terrain.

Sliding and schuss exercises

Balancing whilst sliding


Sliding with skis in plough position – braking and stopping


Snowplough turning

Downhill with direction change

Alpine skiing posture – edging

Skiing on the uphill edges

Alpines Fahrverhalten - Rutschen

Tilt away from edges – steering parallel skis whilst sliding

Snowplough steering

Changing direction by steering on the uphill edges


Parallel ski steering long - pole plant - short

Simultaneous switching edges, turning and steering the skis as the basis for the parallel ski steering with long radii

Pole plant

Pole plant used as an aid for balance, weight transfer, turning and rhythm

Parallel ski steering - long radii with pole plant

Simultaneous switching of edges, turning and steering the skis with use of the pole plant

Parallel ski steering - short radii

Rhythmic continuous turns with changes of direction in parallel short radii

Dynamic parallel ski steering - long radii

Dynamic change of direction out of the steering pressure; situational ski control, sporty, forward-looking, adapted skiing in medium length and long radii.

Dynamic parallel ski steering - short radii

Dynamic parallel ski steering in short radii with situation-responsive ski control.


Carving and racing carving - long radii

Preparation for giant slalom; athletic safe skiing at high speeds on hard piste, carved turns in long radii

Carving - short turns

Carved direction changes with short radii with slalom carvers

Steep slopes

Safe skiing on steep terrain


Controlled skiing through bumps with flexing and stretching turns - commitment to constant contact with the snow

Deep snow

Rhythmic, enjoyable skiing in deep snow

Demo & formation

Skiing in formation; synchronous changes in direction and movement, also to music


From long turns on wide unspoilt slopes to short turns on steeper slopes (speed)