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Euro Test and Euro Security

Recognition of professional qualifications (professional training from another EU member state) is granted on the basis of joint training frameworks or training examinations. These provisions mean that there is no requirement to pass an aptitude test or a supplementary examination if the applicant has passed a training/examination that is equivalent to a joint training framework or joint training examination specified by the European Commission pursuant to Art. 49a (4) Directive 2005/36/EC and implemented by Austria (Art. 49b (4)).

Recognition within the ski instructor profession in Austria is to be granted on the condition that the applicant passes a supplementary examination if

a) his/her training in the relevant profession relates to subjects that differ substantially from those to which the national laws for the relevant profession relate or

b) the profession is regulated according to the relevant national regulations and includes one or more regulated activities that are not part of the professional profile according to the legal regulations of the applicant's country of origin and the required training relates to subjects that differ substantially from the applicant's training.


The standardized aptitude tests (supplementary examinations) in the European ski instructor profession are the Euro Test and the Euro Security Test.


The Euro Test is a performance test to verify technical skills. The test consists of a giant slalom in the Alpine skiing area.


The safety-related and environmental minimum requirements for the ski instructor profession are examined with the Euro Security Test. The aim of the Euro Security Test is to examine the safety-related minimum skills that are essential for the ski instructor profession in the alpine environment.