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More than twenty years ago the first snowboard curricula were created in Austria and the first training was organised. If the education scene was very alpine-orientated at the beginning, acknowledgement was given to new developments - nowadays the training is constantly adjusted according to recent developments and the demands of our guests. Basic technique, slopestyle and finally freestyle are the focal points of the training of ÖSSV, relevant to the snow sports instructor training for Anwärter, snow sports instructor (snowboard) and graduate instructor.

A very important and comprehensive part of the training is off-piste riding and especially hereby general safety awareness and, in particular, alpine safety. The modern snowboard instructor training is now in a dynamic process that constantly seeks to identify innovative developments and trends in the industry and to integrate them into each level of education.



Getting used to the snowboard equipment

Learning the basic requirements - getting used to the board - getting used to the position - maintaining balance

Sliding and Schuss exercises

Getting used to sliding – dynamic balance training


Smooth movement of the board with safe sliding - forward and backward with continuous weight transfer (zigzag slide)


Drift turn with weight shift

Mastering the drift turn with weight shift in medium steep terrain

Drift turn upright

Rhythmic continuous drift turns in steep terrain

Tilting turn

Continuous carved turns - controlling the board along the sidecut


Drift turn deep

Rhythmic continuous drift turns in medium steep terrain, deep snow and on moguls

Tilting turn with body bend

Balancing the inside of the turn with body bend - increase edging angle with a steady pace - actively offsetting the external force

Carving upright

Continuous carved turns with an active, dynamic upward movement to release and change edge

Carving deep

Continuous carved turns with an active, dynamic downward movement to release and change edge

Leg work

Steering the board with short, dynamic carved radii oscillating below the body with pressure change - "LEG WORK" (without vertical movement)

Short turns upright - neutral riding posture

Short, rhythmic continuous drift turns with upward release in medium steep and steep terrain with short, dynamic edging in neutral riding posture

Freeriding – Technique

Learning safe riding on ungroomed slopes in back-country


Short turns middle position

Continuous short, dynamic turns from the middle position

Short turns upright

Continuous short, dynamic turns with upward release

Bumps - balancing technique

Riding through mogul pistes by learning the balancing technique (bending, stretching, turning) and situational turns adapted to the terrain.

Carving upright without snow contact

Continuous carved turns with an active, dynamic upright movement to release and edge the board without snow contact.

Jump Turn

Continuous short, carved turns whereby a fast, dynamic edging at the end of the steering phase is produced.